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    • 19 2022-09

      Butterfly valve product selection points

      The main control parameter of butterfly valve is size.The butterfly valve is a single-plate air valve, which is simple in structure, convenient in processing, low in cost and easy in operation, but has poor adjustment accuracy, an......

    • 15 2022-06

      Butterfly valve applicable occasions

      Butterfly valves are suitable for flow regulation. Since the pressure loss of the butterfly valve in the pipeline is relatively large, the firmness of the butterfly plate to withstand the pressure of the pipeline medium should als......

    • 02 2022-03

      Common faults of butterfly valve

      The rubber elastomer in the butterfly valve will tear, wear, age, perforate and even fall off during continuous use. The traditional hot vulcanization process is difficult to adapt to the needs of on-site repair, and special equip......

    • 15 2018-09

      Advantages, disadvantages and selection principles of flat gate valves

      Flat gate valve is a sliding valve with parallel gate. The closing parts may be single gate or double gate with a spreader. Gate to seat pressure is controlled by the medium pressure acting on the floating gate or floating seat. I......

    • 15 2018-09

      Double acting pneumatic butterfly valve with double coil electromagnetic valve operating principle

      The double acting pneumatic valve is equipped with two five-way double coil solenoid valve. The double electric control solenoid valve controls the opening and closing of the valve through the gain and loss of electricity of the m......

    • 13 2018-09

      Check valve installation and precautions

      Check valve refers to a valve whose opening and closing piece is a circular disc and ACTS by its own weight and pressure of medium to stop the backflow of medium. It is a kind of automatic valve, also known as reverse check valve,......

    • 11 2018-09

      Working principle, classification and advantages of plug valve

      Plug valve is a quick switch straight through valve, due to the rotating sealing surface between the movement with wipe, and fully open to prevent contact with flow media, it is usually also used with particulate media.

    • 10 2018-09

      Use of globe and gate valves

      Globe valves can be used in most media flow systems. Has developed to meet petrochemical, electric power, metallurgy, urban construction, chemical and other departments of various USES of a variety of forms of stop valve.